Our natural state of health encompasses a balance and proper functioning of the doshas, bodily tissues, and digestive fire, in addition to the proper elimination of wastes. Health in the ayurvedic definition is also characterised by self, being located in oneself, in order to maintain harmony in mind, body and spirit.

The more we are exposed to stressors, toxins and other causes of disease, the more our body becomes debilitated and vulnerable to disease, creating imbalances in our body. Poor diet and lifestyle choices further remove us from our natural state of balance by aggravating the doshas and causing the formation and accumulation of toxins in the gastrointestinal tract and tissues. This weakening of the tissues through chronic imbalance lays the foundation for disease to take hold. 

The three doshas, vata, pitta & kapha, act as the vehicle which carries ama (impurities), either upward, downward or out.  The doshas move these impurities from the deep structures to the gastrointestinal tract to the body’s three main outlets, mouth, pores or anus.

Panchakarms’s curative and rejuvenating power lies in its ability to utilise and stimulate the natural movement of the doshas to eliminate the impurities.   

Panchakarma is cleansing of the body according to Ayurveda and takes a minimum of 7 – 20 days. These is a set of five (panch = five in sanskrit) procedures.

The 5 actions

Vamana  Therapeutic emesis (vomiting) the involuntary forceful expulsion of the stomach through the mouth and nose.

Virechana – Purgative treatment that cleanses the small intestine through inducing loose bowel movements, affecting the body very differently than diarrhoea.  Procedure outcome is clean feeling, light & strong.

Nasya – Therapeutic cleansing of the head region.  Procedure to clean, lubricate and strengthen the mucous membranes; keeps the nasal passages open and increases resistance to foreign substances

Basti.   Therapeutic purification and rejuvenation of organs, primarily via the colon through the introduction of medicated liquids with administration at relevant site

Raktamokshana – Therapeutic cleansing and purification of the blood.  It is not included in all panchakarma treatments, only when imbalance high toxicity between blood and pitta dosha.

The body goes through a natural approach to internal cleansing, with daily massages/body treatments to support the process. Total rest is part of the program, all types of physical and mental stiumulation and activities are avoided.

Specific diet is prescribed and tailor-made to each individual, along with herbal remedies as necessary.

Panchakarma cleanses, balances and tones all of the doshas. Body, mind and spirit emerge deeply rejuvenated. A personal consultation starts the process.

Panchakarma Packages

Panchakarma Residential 


Consultation with Ayurvedic Doctor to develop your specific and personalised program

Daily ayurvedic and naturopathic treatments  with prescribed natural medicines & herbs

Additional and restricted activities as directed by the Doctor, e.g. yoga , nature walks, silence, tech detox

Freshly prepared meals, organic and local, sattvic vegetarian unless otherwise advised by the Ayurvedic Doctor

Choice of private accommodations

Panchakarma Guest (non-residential)

Includes food, consultation and full Panchakarma treatment program as a day clinic. All medicines and herbs used, are freshly prepared onsite.

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