Patricia Croela

yoga teacher in switzerland

Patricia Creola

With a 10 years background as a Human Resources Professional within the Financial Services sector, I started practising yoga in 2007 and ever since wanted to learn more about the philosophy behind. I appreciate the deep connection between body and soul in a way I never did before and how beneficial it is, not only physically but on a more subtle level. Through yoga I found access to myself, to my inner truth and to my soul – found peace within. In October 2010 I decided that I want to deepen this knowledge in India, the place of origin of Yoga & Ayurveda. With the inspiration and support of my teacher Yogi Ashokananda I set off to Vrindaban in India, where this beautiful journey started. I still feel blessed for all the lovely experiences made during my trip and my studies in India and Thailand. In November 2011 – back from my trip – I started working for Wellicious, an eco-friendly, ethical yet feminine and luxurious yoga fashion brand. Since September 2012 I work part-time on a freelance basis and additionally am focussing on combining my professional skills with my yoga teaching and holistic skills. My passion for healthy lifestyle, helping others to understand the benefits of yoga, food, thoughts and behaviour is my vision…

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