Basic Rental For Day Event

This option is similar to the Basic Rental for Retreats, but your group are Day participants only.  You will make other arrangements for the group’s overnight room accommodations.  

You can hire Yogiville India to conduct your own Yoga Retreat, Meditation Retreat, Teachers’ Training or an intense Sadhana for your Group.    

Hire entire Yogiville India facilities.

Price will be provided on a daily per person basis. 

You are responsible for:

  • Teacher
  • Food
  • Drinks (Teas & water)
  • Meal preparation
  • Meal clean up
  • Gas for cooking

We provide:

  • Ananda Kitchen
  • Yoga Shala
  • Vajna Shala
  • Site Manager

Optionally, we can provide teacher(s), food, meal preparation and meal clean-up for an additional fee per person / per day.  To plan your group programme, please submit your details and requirements in the Event Request Form.

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