What is ayurveda treatments used is panchakarma

Ayurveda treatments brief  descriptions , some of those are used in  Ayurveda Panchakarma therapies:


An effective therapy which essentially involves application of lukewarm herbal oils all over the body by trained technicians in a special rhythmic way for about 60 minutes.
Indications: Hemiplegia, paralysis, rheumatic complaints, joint stiffness, nervous disorders etc. it is also a rejuvenative therapy.


It is a process by which the whole body or any specific part, is made to perspire by the application of certain herbal medicinal puddings externally in the form of boluses tied up in a muslin bag. Duration 60 minutes.

DHARA (THAILA, THAKRA, KSHEERA): (Thaila, Thakra, Ksheera):

Some herbal oils, medicated milk, medicated butter milk etc are poured on the forehead in a specific way for about 45 minutes.
Indications: Insomnia, mental tension, skin diseases, vatha-pitta predominated diseases etc.


Special herbal oils are poured in a cap fitted on the head for 15-60 minutes per day.
Indications: Facial paralysis, headaches, vatha originated diseases etc.


This is a special way of massage with herbal powders for about 30 minutes.
Indications: Paralysis, obesity and rheumatic ailments.


Medicated ghee is given internally in a proportionally increased quantity for a period of 7-21 days (Preparatory process of doing Panchakarma).
Indications: Arthritis, osteoarthritis, skin diseases etc.


This is one of the important treatments in Panchakarma in which herbal juices/ medicinal oils etc are applied through nose.
Indications: Head aches, mental disorders, skin diseases etc.


(Hot Bolus treatment) Herbal leaves, herbs, herbal powders,., are applied to the whole body in boluses with hot medical oils.
Indications: Arthritis, spondilosis, sports injuries, muscular atrophy etc.


It is a process, which induces the expulsion of stomach contents through the mouth. It is done after proper external and internal oleation of the body. Then specially prepared decoction is given to the patient and emesis is induced.
Indication: Skin diseases like Psoriasis, eczema and bronchial asthma and various mental problems can be cured through this procedure.


This treatment is recommended for the complete cleansing of the gastro-intestinal tracts and bowels. Here purgation is done by ayurvedic medicines.
Indications: Various diseases in the abdomen and a number of skin diseases.


In this treatment, gentle oil massage is given on the whole body or specific parts according to the disease for 60 minutes.
Indications: Useful for fatigue, Vata related problems, lack of blood circulations etc.


This is a process in which medicated fumes are applied to the ears for 5 to 10 minutes. This process helps to clean the ear and avoid ailments associated with the ear.


This is a cleansing process for the eyes, which gives cooling effect, prevents cataract and strengthens the optic nerve.


Special medicated water is allowed to hold in mouth for 10-30 minutes.


Herbal powders or stem of medical plants are given for brushing the teeth and gums. It is a very effective treatment for weak gums. It is good for spongy gums and bad breath.


In this treatment, warm medicated oil is kept on the lower back of the patient in a herbal paste boundary for 30-45 minutes.
Indications: Useful in low back ache, problems in lower vertebral column.

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