Italy Master Classes 4 – 7 July Master Class Details

Body Awakening – Himalayan Hatha Yoga

Thursday, July 4th

This Master Class will allow you to experience the essence and authenticity of true Hatha Yoga with Yogi Ashokananda’s signature style of Himalayan Hatha Yoga. 

During this session you will understand precise alignment and its effect within the asanas to stimulate correct engagement of the muscles and the importance of breath attention to open the body for awakening.

Awakened body through Himalayan Hatha Yoga practices brings ease into your day-to-day life,  allowing the body to channel the energy and to embrace the emotions to live mindfully in everyday activities.  An awakened body is anchored and balanced physically, mentally & emotionally.

This Master Class is suitable for all levels, focussing on joint & ligament health, alignment strengthening the muscular system through the balanced sequences of Himalayan Hatha Yoga Series 1 & 4. 

Himalayan Hatha Yoga is a strong, yet supportive form of yoga, working through the entire body,

Restore & Revive

Friday, July 5th

The Himalayan Hatha Yoga restorative practice will explore a limited number of asanas, using the mind and breath to take you deeper in the posture allowing you to truly let go.  Once you let go, the restoration can take place. 

The restorative practice will include asanas that bring your mind to a state of calm and stillness, lessening the strain on the nervous system, with less engagement of your physical body.  The postures will be done either seated, lying down on back or stomach.

All the parts of the body are being used in such a way where the mental approach to them means you have less strain on your muscles so that the flow of the blood happens effortlessly and releases the tension from your nervous system for healing.

This type of restorative practice will give energy to the body and recharge you.

Chakra & Sound with Prana Kriya Yoga

Saturday July 6th

Yogi will guide you through very specific breathwork techniques and kriyas, using the breath and sounds to stimulate and awaken the energy in the chakras releasing any blocked energy to create energetic alignment. A simple, yet profound practice to raise and align the vibration of the chakras.

During this session, we will use kriyas, primordial sounds and breath to stimulate and soothe the energy of the chakras and prepare the nervous system for kundalini to rise.  The flow of energy through each chakra is increased to affect the elements within different parts of the body relating to the properties of each chakra.  The ultimate effect brings many physical and psychological benefits which can only be felt by experiencing this wonderful process.   

The result is felt on every level – on a physical level, this practice is one of the best antidotes for depression, stress and insomnia. It is good for balancing blood pressure, for heart problems and positively affects the nervous system. The cardiovascular practice also takes you to a state of meditation and tranquility. On an emotional and spiritual level, you will experience renewal and transformation. 

Power of Relaxation

Sunday, July 7

Yogi Ashokananda will examine what is meant by true relaxation – a state that leads to self healing, good health, happiness and increased productivity. 

Harnessing the energy of your subtle body and acquiring self-knowledge are key to relaxing into your true self and realizing your inner power.  Yogi will highlight the traditional yogic beliefs that have influenced the meditation & mindfulness techniques and practices and will delve a little deeper into: 

  • Importance of yoga & posture
  • Effects of relaxation on the nervous system
  • Power of Self-realization
  • Breath & Prana

You will be guided through basic relaxation practices, a fully guided meditation and Yogi will provide you with techniques to help you on your journey of self-discovery by encouraging self-examination, self-awareness and self-acceptance.  

These practices will allow you to relax into your authentic self without the pressure of having to be “happy” all the time.  When this pressure is released, you will feel more content and fulfilled.  You will become more aware of your own patterns of behavior and the split between your material personality and your spiritual self is healed.  As life around you becomes increasingly frenetic, it is increasingly important to find inner stillness.  

The practices are based on embracing the whole self and trying to create a sense of humanity, through accepting and transforming the lower three chakras, concerned with grounding, rootedness, mental and physical constipation, anger, sexuality, self-confidence, greed and lust.  

Your spirit or soul is already perfect and whole; it does not require healing.  All it needs is space for you to experience your highest self.  You can accomplish this by clearing the physical and emotional pathways to it and rid yourself of samskaras (the imprints on your personality of unused emotions from experiences).   

Finding peace at the physical level and not running away from yourself in your mind is key.  You will take away from these session practices to help you find a long-lasting peace within yourself that allows you to be with all your emotions and feelings without the veneer of “positive thinking”.  In this way, you can be your true, authentic self, connected and compassionate with yourself and others.

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