About Ashok Tree

What we do

Ashok Tree offers yoga, meditation and Ayurveda courses, retreats and teachers’ training courses.  Tailor made programmes can also be developed to meet your specific needs in the areas of stress management, detox and well-being.

We rent Ashok Tree to groups and teachers to host their own yoga meditation, Ayurveda & spiritual retreats, teachers’ training and seminars for their students.  You will find more details here.

Yoga Teachers’ Training

Our 200-hour Certified Yoga Teachers’ Training Courses delivered by Yogi Ashokananda are certified by the Yoga Alliance UK.  Yoga Teachers’ Training Courses offered are in Himalayan Hatha Yoga (HHY) and Prana Kriya Yoga (PKY).

The Yoga Teachers’ Training course is for anyone who desires self-knowledge and elevated understanding of the Yoga sutras and yogic lifestyle. Whether a yoga practitioner seeking to deepen your own practice, a teacher who hopes to further develop or you are entirely new to yoga, our Teachers’ Training Course provides a well-rounded Yoga experience, preparing one to be an inspiring teacher and confident yogi.

Our 100-hour Certified Meditation Teachers’ Training Courses are run and certified by Yogi Ashokananda.

For more details, please read here.

Why Ashok Tree?

Ashok is a Sanskrit word meaning without grief or that which gives no grief.  Of course, the tree has many other names in local languages as well.  One such name means the tree of love blossoms.  The Hindus regard it as sacred, being dedicated to Kama Deva, God of Love.  The tree is a symbol of love.  Its beautiful, delicately perfumed flowers are used in temple decoration.  There are also festivals associated with this flower. Lord Buddha was born under the Ashok tree, so you will find it planted in the Buddhist monasteries.

In India, drinking the water in which the flowers have been washed is widely considered a protection against grief.  In a certain sense, such water is a flower essence, its effects recognised by Indians for centuries. As for the essence, indeed it is for those who have gone through great trauma and suffering.

It is a healer for deep seated sorrow, sadness, grief, and disharmony in one’s inner being due to events such as bereavement, failure, suffering, disease, and isolation. On using this essence, a profound inner state of joy, harmony and well-being is produced. It works very gently, in that it changes one’s perception of the sorrow.

Our Vision

The Ashok Tree is an extension of Yogi’s vision to create a place of authenticity in his homeland of India.  It is a place where people can come and experience  life, enjoy retreats, feel nurtured, supported and rejuvenated by the beautiful surroundings, Ayurvedic vegetarian food and treatments.  Aside from the daily practise of yoga and meditation there is the opportunity to participate in traditional ritualistic and ceremonial practices.  A variety of community and charity projects (including a charity school) are in motion to help local people, provide them with jobs and a better lifestyle for their families.  As well as this, the Ashok Tree is the ideal environment, both in climate and lifestyle.

Our vision is for a truly self-sustaining, beautiful and natural sanctuary where rejuvenation, exploration and relaxation can be enjoyed in a harmonious environment.

We are also hoping to launch small enterprises working with local villagers.  Many of the trees and plants in the gardens will be used for Ayurvedic purposes, and there will be an Ayurvedic clinic set up where local people can come for free treatments run by a qualified Ayurvedic and Allopathic doctor.

Some of our plants are still young and we are always looking for green fingers and helping hands!  We are very open-minded and keen to learn new ideas to help make the place as ecologically friendly and as self-sustainable as possible.

Who We Are

Ashok Tree is run by a group of like-minded people and is a non-profit project.  All profits from Ashok Tree’s activities are used to continue the development of local grassroots community project, Ashok Tree, and the charity projects run by Yogi Ashokananda Foundation registered charity in  Tamil Nadu, India, registration number-BK4/50 in partnership with the Ashok Tree Foundation.

Our Location

Ashok Tree, located between Bangalore and Chennai in Tiruvannamalai, the home of Swami Ramana Maharshi and many Siddhas. The Ashok Tree is located in rural surroundings and holds breath-taking views of both sunrises over the holy mountain of Arunachala and sunsets over the hills. We are away from pollution, hustle & bustle, tucked away in farmland within nature and in precious wide-open spaces. We grow our own vegetables or we collect from local farms to use seasonal and to promote natural living and enjoy healthy food.